Getting started in sustainable, responsible & ethical investment

wordle 55 finalWe believe that helping people to find investment options that are ‘ethically appropriate’  is an essential part of  the financial advice process.

The purpose of this support area is to introduce sustainable, responsible and ethical investment to those who are new to this area – or to Fund EcoMarket.

To help explain this area we have classified options into groups that we call ‘SRI Styles’.  These help explain the major similarities and differences between the different investment options that are available.

Finding ‘best fit’ SRI Styles

By answering the questions on the ‘SRI StyleFinder Questionnaire’ link below, you will get a good idea of the ‘SRI Styles’ that best suit your (or your client’s) personal aims.   This will help save time when discussing this area.

The ‘SRI Styles explained’ pages on this microsite explain what we mean by each of these categories. You can use your best fit SRI Styles to get an idea of the kinds of options that may match an investor’s ethical aims within the Fund EcoMarket database tool.  (This tool covers ‘ethical’ information only.)  The additional filters and text on Fund EcoMarket help users to find out more specific details.

Please note – we do not deal  with individual investors.  We are not financial advisers and are not authorised to offer financial advice.

Please contact your Financial Adviser or see our Find Adviser area on our Fund EcoMarket database tool if you need additional help.

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