Getting started in sustainable, responsible & ethical investment

wordle 55 finalWe believe that helping people to find investment options that suit their personal opinions is an essential part of the financial advice process.

This support area introduces sustainable, responsible and ethical investment to those who need help in this area.

To make this area easier to understand we offer the option for people to see how we have grouped the many different investment options into what we call ‘SRI Styles’.  These help highlight the major similarities and differences between the different investment options.

Information about these SRI Styles can be found in this help area.  There is also support material that helps you to understand Fund EcoMarket available here.

We are passionate about helping more people to know about this area so we have made this information is free to use.

This has been made possible thanks to the support of our sponsors who’s logos are shown on Fund EcoMarket.

Finding ‘best fit’ SRI Styles

You can search Fund EcoMarket in many different ways, but if you wish to use our SRI Styles you (or your client) can complete our questionnaire to work out which are the likely ‘best fit’ Styles.

Please note the Fund EcoMarket is ‘for information only’.  The information we published relates to ‘ethical’ information only and is not intended to be constitute advice, recommendation or endorsement in any form.

We are not financial advisers and are not authorised to offer financial advice.  As a result we do not deal with individual investors.

If you are a potential ‘individual investor’ please contact your Financial Adviser or see our ‘Find an Adviser’ button  on Fund EcoMarket if you need help.  Please also help us by telling your financial adviser about Fund EcoMarket if they do not know it already!

Financial Advisers:

This site is primarily aimed at helping financial advisers as most IFA service providers offer you little or no support in this area.

This site offers a range of information including a fact find tool,  fund information and links to managers websites plus full reporting functions.

Our aim is to help you understand this sustainable, responsible and ethical investment better so that it is easier to integrate into your advice process. If you would like additional support or training in this area please contact us.

See ‘Adviser Downloads & Support’ areas for literature and videos.

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